DKT looks to the future

DKT Thielgen GmbH also looks to the future in the "corona crisis".

We are currently painting our buildings.


Assembly and Commissioning Service

Would you like to administer a task, however your own employees are otherwise indisposed, the sicknessrate is high or you don't have an employee with the proper skills?


We would like to offer you the following services:

  • Commisioning of equipment
  • Modifikations
  • Repairs

In the following sectors:

  • Mechanical
  • Electro technology

 When you choose a DKT employee not only you get a professionally trained and experienced tool maker, you also get the competence of 30 years tool making including CAD-construction and most up to date production possibilities alongside it.


Please feel free to contact us on +49(0)6881-92090 or by e-mail: