We are the specialists for welding fixtures

We simplify your processes by designing and implementing your fixtures precisely to your applications and manufacturing processes.

Whether automated, pneumatic, hydraulic, electrically controlled or manually operated - we support all possible designs.

Your fixture will be designed by our experienced designers in CAD in 3D and presented to you. After your approval, we start manufacturing the components and assembling the fixture in our assembly department. Due to our modern machinery we are able to produce component fixtures in almost any shape. Of course, each fixture is measured to the required nominal dimension before delivery. A measuring documentation is part of the scope of delivery. This measuring documentation serves you as a comprehensible basis for an immediate commissioning.

Welding fixtures for robot cells

Precise positioning of the parts, good accessibility of the welding points and PLC control are important points in the design of the fixture concept for robot cells. Through decades of experience in the construction of automated welding fixtures, DKT has optimized the design of fixtures for welding robot use and adapted them to the development of robot technology.

Laser welding fixtures

Laser welding is usually performed without filler metal. Therefore, part positioning by the welding fixture is of particular importance.

In most cases, the seam itself is formed, so that the welding fixture must ensure both seam support and, at the same time, optimal flushing of the weld seam with forming gas.

Together with its customers, DKT has developed and built welding fixtures for various laser welding applications.

Spot welding fixtures

As DKT serves many customers from the automotive and commercial vehicle industry, spot welding fixtures are naturally also part of our portfolio. The spectrum we cover ranges from automated applications in robot cells to simple manual devices for manual spot welding. Due to DKT's many years of experience in the design and development of welding fixtures for automated welding, we naturally know the critical points to pay attention to in the design.

Welding fixtures for pipe frames

Tubular frames and tubular structures often require pretensioning in automated welding to compensate for the welding distortion that occurs. Shrinkage dimensions must also be taken into account. DKT has extensive experience in the constriction of tube welding fixtures. We will be pleased to advise you on your project.

Welding tools for tanks

For the welding of tanks for the automotive and commercial vehicle industry, in addition to high holding force, the exact mapping of the shape contour is also required. For this purpose, the holding jaws must be 3-D milled with high accuracy. Due to our modern machinery and the direct connection of the machines to our CAD system, we are able to meet exactly these requirements of our customers.

Manual welding fixtures

In order to increase the efficiency and, above all, the quality of manual welding, we offer our customers simple and inexpensive fixtures, which are operated simply and manually, are of purely mechanical design and, due to their construction, produce excellent repeatability. Of course, these manual fixtures can also be used in a robot operation.

Grippers for handling robots

In industrial, automated production, high acceleration forces sometimes occur when handling robots are used. In order to grip the parts safely and without slipping, the grippers of handling robots must be tailored precisely to the parts to be gripped. At the same time, the parts must not be damaged. At DKT, we have experience in the development and design of robot grippers, which we are happy to make available to you.

Marking stations

We develop and manufacture marking stations for laser markers or also conventionally, for scribe embossers. The station can be loaded manually or automatically via handling robots.


Testing devices and bead breaking devices

In many manufacturing processes, the subsequent quick inspection of the dimensional accuracy or even the tightness of subsequently pressurized components is required. We at DKT have experience in the construction of gauges, test fixtures, bead breaking fixtures as well as combined test and bead breaking fixtures.

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