Quality starts with design!

Innovative, simple and solid solutions? That's what our design at DKT stands for.


For you as a customer, we want to keep things as simple as possible: You give us your requirements and we work out the solutions.

Our design specialists have many years of experience. We use this experience in close exchange with you to develop a technically optimal solution for you. 

Process & project flow

At the beginning of our work are your needs and wishes. To this end, we develop technical solutions including our recommendations, which we discuss with you and evaluate together with you. In the case of complex projects, we will draw up an appropriate project plan for you on request and take over the project planning for you. If you prefer to do your own project planning, we will of course work with you providing our data.

After the approval of the concept, we will create the 3D models in our CAD system and will send out detailed documents for our production. 

After production and assembly, your product will be measured to nominal dimensions and documented in appropriate dimensional reports. On request, we can also prepare complete technical documentation and installation declaration.

Your contact

We are always interested in new inquiries and look forward to your contact. Among other things, we support you in project management, development, layout planning, simulation and in design.