Our gauges for your process reliability

We consider gauges to be a logical addition to our fixture construction range, because your products should be continuously checked for accuracy. 

Process reliability requires constant control. That is why we consider jigmaking as a logical addition to our range of products. You can easily and quickly check the accuracy of the products that you create on our jigs and fixtures with our gauges.

We undertake the design and manufacture of (mainly inspection) gauges for you. Thereby the dimensional accuracy of your product is checked by contour parts, sliders and manual plug gauges. To make your work easier, we can also equip gauges with hydraulic or pneumatic actuators and electronic components and controls.

Each gauge is measured, a measuring protocol is of course included in the scope of delivery and enables you to put the gauge into operation immediately. Our measuring machine enables us to measure gauges up to approx. 4 meters in length. Thus we are well equipped for all common dimensions.

Test gauges for individual parts

Whether simple or complex individual parts, a gauge can be used to quickly and inexpensively perform a visual inspection of particularly toleranced positions. We have experience with simple visualization elements, dial gauges as well as electronic probes on gauges.

Gauges for complete assemblies

In complete assemblies, there are often unfavorable accumulations of tolerances in tolerance chains. Our gauges help to detect this safely and quickly in the production process. We develop and build gauges for checking your assemblies.

Gauges for castings

Castings are often complex, with many dependencies within the dimensional chains and reference surfaces. Here, simple gauges manufactured with appropriate precision offer the possibility to check the quality of the parts already in the foundry and thus ensure the supply chain. At DKT, we have expertise in the design of inspection gauges for castings, which we are happy to make available to you.

Gauges for pipe welding groups

When testing pipes with welded-on flanges, the fixture is of decisive importance for the test result. We at DKT have experience in the development of such fixture systems, which we derive from fixture construction and integrate into the gauges.

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